With a 2-years history, APPREN PHARMACEUTICALS (An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company) has involved into a highly qualified marketing in pediatric segment of specialist nutritional supplements, medicines and cosmetics products.  However, we’re more than just a marketing facility. Dedicated to the discovery of innovative products that fuse the latest science with elements of nature, we provide our customers with the best in products in industry. As  a growing company, we’re ready launch of truly unique and compelling products that will take our brand to the next level of success. APPREN PHARMACEUTICALS (An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company) provides a full range of products in pediatric segment, with a personalized needs.  The company has highly experienced & technically qualified staff for each operation. Each department is harmonized in such a way that the workflow is maintained for on-time delivery.

Driving our Business

Driving our business practices are three main values:


Our team of chemists, manufacturing technicians, quality assurance specialists, and product development experts is ready to help you transform inspiration into unique health products, combining progressive thinking with cutting-edge science


When working with APPREN PHARMACEUTICALS, you will enjoy streamlined communication with a project manager. Dedicated to serving you, the project manager will help you to quickly develop solutions and easily track the progress of your project.


At APPREN PHARMACEUTICALS, profitability, social responsibility and ecology are not competing interests. We operate with practices designed to sustain all three. We focus on the development of products that will positively impact your business and provide true, meaningful health benefits for your consumers. And, in the course of doing so, we operate using environmentally friendly methods.

Our Services

APPREN PHARMACEUTICALS (An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company) provides a full range of medicines, nutritional supplements and cosmetics in pediatrics segment.

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